Alma posted a video of herself with Willy Paul, captioning it, “My new hubby.”

There have been rumors circulating about a potential romantic involvement between content creator Alma Mutheu and singer Willy Paul after she nicknamed the “Toto” hit singer as her husband, jokingly though.

However, during an appearance on the Eve Mungai show, Alma clarified the rumors and shed light on the truth behind the speculations. She revealed that she currently has a boyfriend who is not a public figure, debunking any romantic relationship possibilities between herself and Willy Paul.

There was a lot of confusion and speculation swirling around Alma Mutheu and Willy Paul when Alma posted a video of herself with Willy Paul on social media and captioned it playfully as “My new hubby.” It led many to believe that the two had entered into a romantic relationship.

Alma Mutheu

Alma was quick to clear the air and clarify that the caption was meant in a light-hearted, non-serious manner, and there was no romantic involvement between them.

It’s always important to be mindful of the impact of our words and actions on others, especially in the age of social media, where things can quickly spiral out of control but as we know, these popular guys used it on purpose to chase clout.

Miss P and Willy Paul

Alma confirmed that she had never met Miss P, Willy Paul’s alleged new love interest.

She spoke highly of Miss P’s talent and beautiful voice, but emphasized that there was no personal connection between them.

The whole notion of a rivalry between her and Miss P came as a complete surprise to her as well.

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