In 2019, Rosa Ree and Timmy Tdat broke the internet with their steamy collaboration titled Vitamin U.

Soon after that, rumors emerged that the two were dating and Timmy later confirmed that they were indeed an item.

It is however not clear why the two ended their relationship but Rosa Ree shed some light to that in a recent interview with Mzazi Willy M. Tuva.

“Am not sorry for breaking up with Timmy Tdat. Why should I be sorry to human beings like me. They also have their own faults,” she said.

Mzazi questioned her who was the first one to leave and she said that they both did.

“Inabidi nijisearch juu hizi ni nyumba ambazo nimehama zamani. We left,” she said.

The mother of one added that their relationship died organically but she doesn’t regret anything and that’s why she is not sorry.

“Sometimes relationship die organically and its okay to normalize something dying. It can happen. Siwezi nikasema I regret anything ndio maana nikasema I am not sorry,” Rosa Ree said.

At the same time, Rosa Ree opened up on being on how her fiancé and baby daddy dumped her. She got engaged to her baby daddy later after ending things with Timmy.

“Kwanza sikuingia kwenye ndoa nilivishwa pete ya uchumba. Lakini tukafanya video ya wimbo wa Mula nadhani watu wakaassume  ile ndio ndoa sasa,” she clarified.

“Ila tulikuwa na engagement. Mara nyingi wanadamu tuna mipango yetu na Mungu ana yake. It was a very deep curve kwenye maisha yangu kwasababu pia nilikuwa mja mzito baadaye nikapitia misukosikuo kwenye mahusiano yangu lakini  nimeichukulia positively,” Rosa Ree further said.

She added that she also doesn’t know why the relationship failed. She hardly communicates to the man in question despite sharing a child with him.

“We are not together, I don’t know what went went wrong. I am as clueless as everyone. Aliamka siku moja akaenda zake. Aliniambia tu nataka nisafiri akaondoka. Simfatilii. He doesn’t communicate so much honestly,” Rosa Ree said.



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