“Nikifika Kenya nafanya DNA na buda! If my mother might have stepped out, she will cry.” Andrew Kibe promises.

Andrew Kibe has disclosed his intentions to undergo a paternity test alongside his father, aiming to determine if they share a biological connection.

During the Andrew Kibe Show, the former radio presenter openly discussed his desire to ascertain whether his father is truly his biological parent. He expressed his eagerness to put any lingering doubts to rest and discover the truth.

“I am seriously considering getting a DNA test done for both my father and myself. If my mother had been unfaithful, it would be a shocking revelation for her. Once I arrive in Kenya, the first thing I’ll do is arrange for the DNA test between my father and me,” he explained.

Kibe, an online sensation, outlined his plan to take his father out for a meal of grilled meat (nyama choma) and beer upon his return to the country. In the event that his father coughs, he intends to offer him a handkerchief, which he will later take to a laboratory for DNA testing.

Andrew Kibe Comes Clean About How He Makes Money Amid Claims He's Sustained By Sugar Mummy“As I’m treating him to nyama choma and Guinness and observe him cough, I will hand him a handkerchief and ask him to use it. When he’s done, I’ll request the handkerchief from him, dispose of it, and take it to the lab for testing, stating that it belongs to my father,” Kibe shared.

The decision to undergo a paternity test stems from Kibe’s strained relationship with his father, which has endured for several decades. He expressed confusion and sought to uncover the reasons behind their inability to connect.

“My father and I simply can’t get along, and I honestly don’t know why. Dad, where do we go wrong? What is it that we fail to comprehend about each other? Am I the difficult one, or are you? We need to find out because one of us is causing the trouble,” he narrates.

Kibe further claims that if the test reveals his father is not his biological parent, it would provide an explanation for their differences.

If the results confirm a positive match, he would have no choice but to accept his father for who he is and endeavor to reconcile their relationship.

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