The government plans to seize a romantic gift worth Ksh 102 million that was sent to Felista Njoroge, a 23-year-old student, by her wealthy Belgian boyfriend residing overseas.

In a ruling delivered by Judge Esther Maina on Thursday, May 25, 2023, the Kenyan government has been granted permission to retain the funds held in two cooperative bank accounts owned by Felista Njoroge. This decision was made after it was determined that the substantial gift was connected to money laundering activities.

The judge mandated the confiscation of the funds due to the lack of explanation and disclosure regarding the source of the money, which originated from Marc De Mesel, a Belgian YouTube cryptocurrency influencer.

Justice Maina stated that the philanthropist, known for his extravagant spending on young women globally, had been provided with an opportunity to clarify the source of his wealth but failed to do so.

Consequently, Justice Maina emphasized that in the absence of an explanation, the government would retain the funds that were discreetly transferred into the country by the crypto personality residing overseas.

Judge Maina ruled, “After carefully analyzing and reviewing the presented evidence from the boyfriend, it became evident that the source of the funds transferred to the Kenyan girlfriend was not disclosed.”

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