Popular influencer Georgina Njenga has revealed the items that her current body count can buy.

The mother of one opened up on her body county during a Question and Answer session with Flossy Trukid.

“What can your body count buy you,” the interviewer posed in a video shared on Instagram.

Responding to the question, Georgina said that her body county can only buy her candies. She however noted that other girls are notorious at lying when it comes to the question of body count.

“Sweets, PK. Kila msichana ukiuliza body county inakuanga 3. Yangu nayo per week we start a fresh,” she admitted.

At the same she revealed the amount of money her man should be earning if she is earning Kshs2000.

“If am earning 2k a man should earn  Ksh100k, Ksh 200k or 300k,” she said and went ahead to reveal that the highest amount she has eve spend in a day

“50k. Nilibuy human hair,” Georgina said as burst into a laughter when she was asked if the money was hers.

She also mentioned some of the celebrities that she finds handsome including Butita. Reacting to that, Comedian Butita asked women to sleep with him as well instead of just liking him.

“Hapana!!madem msikuwe mnasema tu mannipenda na inaishia hapo, nikuleni please,” the SPM buzz CEO said.

Georgina has however opened up on her body count just weeks after announcing her break up with actor Tyler Mbaya.

The social media influencer confirmed that she was no longer in a relationship with Tyler during a Question and Answer session with fans on Instagram in July.

She later explained why they arrived at the decision, dispelling claims that their separation was influenced by Tyler’s gambling addiction and scamming allegations that he faced then.

“There was no specific reason; it was not just working out. I can’t pinpoint one thing. I can’t say he did this or that or I did that. It was piled up issues… and it reaches a time you realize this is not working out. First of all, none of us decided that they have dumped the other but a mutual agreement on this is not working out,| she said


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