“Finally baby @Malaika_Bahati face unveiled, happy six months birthday my daughter!” Bahati posted.

The birth of Malaika Nyambura Bahati was a momentous occasion for Bahati and Diana Marua. Malaika’s arrival brought a renewed sense of love and joy to Bahati and Diana’s family and their fans.

She was conceived at Komarock Modern Healthcare in Nairobi, and her birth was eagerly anticipated.

Diana Marua’s openness and vulnerability throughout her pregnancy journey has touched the hearts of many.

Her willingness to share her experiences with her online community has earned her praise and admiration from countless people who have been inspired by her journey to motherhood.

Regardless of her self confessed dark past and dating multiple men, Diana has managed to light up Baha’s world with love and a beautiful family.

The “Mama ” and “Fanya Mambo” hit maker has recently revealed he can’t live without Diana B in his life.

“Almost 7 Years Together ❤️ At First I saw you and Liked You. Then I grew to Love You. Right Now I can’t Live without You.DIANA I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART 😍 @DIANA_MARUA!” says Bahati.

The couple has on numerous times announced that Malaika Bahati is a lookalike to their other day Heaven Bahati.

Malaika Bahati face reveal with Diana Marua and Bahati

Heaven Bahati looks like Malaika Bahati


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Via Malaika’s Instagram account, the parents confirmed their kids were literally like twins.

“Meet my look alike @heavenbahati Now you’ve seen my face, LITERALLY 🤣🥳❤️”

Check out Baha teasing Malaika’s face unveil.


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