During father’s day celebration Jackie Matubia hinted that her babies daddies, Blessing Lungaho and  Pilot Kennedy Njogu , are dead beat fathers.

The mother of two took to Instagram and shared the cryptic message.

“Happy Father’s Day deadbeats”  she said.

She further shared a photo of herself with her children while celebrating  fathers day but ignored Blessing whom they have been dating for a long time.

In a separate post she  shared a photo captioned,  “zaa nilee amefaint kwa supermarket.” In the photo, a man was lying down on the floor with diapers by his side. Seemingly, the man had been shocked by the price of the basic need for babies.

Blessing Lungaho however recently spend quality time with her daughter Zendaya Nyambura.

The actor shared a photo of him bonding with the one  year old on his Insta stories.

“God bless you Didi,” he captioned the photo.

Recently, Zendaya turned one but during her birthday vacation at the coast Blessing was absent. When contacted about that, Jackie said that Blessing was back in Nairobi hustling. He also confirmed that he was at work.

“Ako Kazi lazima mtu atafute pesa ya sisi kujispoil. Nani amesema? Wewe endelea na kazi wacha mi nijibambe,” she said.

For a long time now, rumors have it that Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lungaho are no longer together. Neither of them has however openly addressed that.



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