Five Most Noticeable Kenyan Technology Innovations

Kenya has been traditionally known as a tourist destination and agricultural country. But over the years the East African country...

KenGen Launches Research Center In Murang’a

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC (KenGen) has begun construction of a Research and Development (R&D Center at Tana Power Station...

Best Feature Phones You Still Use Today

With the advancement in technology and many people yarning to access the internet using their phones, smartphones have greatly increased. The...
Apple MacBook

Apple inaishtaki kampuni inayojulikana kwa udukuzi wa simu za iPhone

Apple Jumanne iliishtaki NSO Group, kampuni ya Israel inayouza programu kwa mashirika ya serikali na vyombo vya sheria vinavyowawezesha kudukua...

Five Best Tech Firms In Kenya

Kenya is a regional hub for technology and that's one reason why it is never a surprise to see some...
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Google search engine

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