Vera Sidika did a mistake of revealing exactly how much she pays her domestic workers, now even degree holders are begging her for employment opportunities.

A few days ago Vera talked about the kind of nanny she wants to take care of her daughter Asia Brown who was born on October 20th 2021.

The mother of one stressed that her nanny MUST to have any social media account – must be green in as far as social networking platforms is concerned.

“I am extremely choosy when it comes to looking for a nanny . I don’t go for a person who is on social media at all. So y’all busy sending me DMs asking to be nannies failed long time ago. The nannies I prefer are nowhere close to the socials,” wrote Vera Sidika in part.

Vera further revealed that she prefers a nanny who is over 40 years of age, further disclosing that she pays her house help a starting salary of Ksh40,000.

“Rule no. 2 I prefer over 40 years olds. They’re The best. These 20 something year olds aint my style. The probability of many things easily going wrong, is very high. And I pay her over 40k.”

Vera is now in trouble after revealing how much she pays her domestic workers as more job seekers are now sliding into her DMs to beg for employment opportunities.

“Who told these people I’m looking for a nanny surely SMH. I have 2 nannies already. Juzi someone asked if we flew with my nanny to Mombasa, I said yes. She said she wishes to be my nanny & I only explained how I’m even very choosy with that. LOL now everyone is in my DM asking to be my nanny. Abegggiii the two are enough. I don’t need 10,” wrote Vera.

But even after she explained everything, nothing seems to stop job seekers from still asking for employment opportunity from Vera.



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