“This crying looks familiar” “Babe please don’t cry” Bahati tells Diana Marua.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Bahati has proposed to Diana Marua once again, expressing his deep desire to wed her in a grand and unforgettable ceremony. He assured her that their wedding would become the talk of the town, filling her with overwhelming joy and anticipation.

Kenyan gospel singer Bahati exchanged vows with his fiancée Diana Marua in an intimate traditional sort of ceremony held in Nairobi on October 20th 2017. The couple shared the delightful news on their respective Instagram accounts, expressing their joy and gratitude.

Bahati joyfully announced the union, stating, “It’s official. Thank you, Jesus. She is lawfully mine. Now let the babies come ???? @Diana_Marua ♥.”

Meanwhile, Marua embraced her new marital status, writing, “When the title Mrs is no longer a miss now ???? #MrsBahati @bahatikenya ????”

The wedding was a low-key affair, suggesting that the couple opted for a private and intimate celebration of their love and commitment

As they continued to discuss their upcoming nuptials, Diana couldn’t contain her happiness, knowing that her long-cherished dream was finally on the verge of becoming a beautiful reality.

To make this special moment even more memorable, the former Gospel musician surprised his beloved wife Diana with precious gifts. Among them was the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, a symbol of their connection in this technologically advanced world.

The gesture left Diana feeling incredibly touched and moved by Bahati’s love and thoughtfulness. But it didn’t stop there; he also adorned her with exquisite and expensive earrings, evoking a profound sense of appreciation and emotions, tears just came out of her eyes.

“”I wanted to take this moment to celebrate you, to express just how special you are to me,” Baha turns into current day Shakespeare.

Bahati“You, my love, are the greatest blessing that has ever graced my life. We’ve endured so much together, weathered storms and triumphed over challenges, but through it all, I can confidently say that this past year has been the pinnacle of our journey as a couple. It has been a year of love, growth, and pure happiness,” Bahati promises Diana a grand wedding as he slides a ring on her finger.

Diana BahatiThis extraordinary display of affection and generosity from Bahati has not only reinforced their deep bond but also served as a testament to the depth of his love for Diana; as netizens critique their excess PDA on social media.

During the launch of, ‘Love Like This’, Diana Marua revealed that she and the father of her two children, Bahati, are not legally married.

Diana explained that they have chosen to delay their legal marriage in order for their children to fully comprehend and appreciate their upcoming wedding ceremony.

Diana Ring

Diana said, “We are not legally married, but we are set to start our wedding plans very soon.”

By postponing the legal aspect of their marriage, the couple aims to ensure that their children can actively participate and understand the significance of their marriage when they eventually hold their wedding ceremony.

“I simply desire for my son to witness and comprehend that my parents will soon be getting married, although not this year!” Diana told media a while back.

Having lived together for quite some time and raising two children together, Diana revealed that she sees Bahati not just as a celebrity, but as the loving father of her kids and a true friend.

Diana Marua and Bahati (4)The relationship between Bahati and Diana has encountered significant criticism ever since they publicly announced their dating status, primarily due to Bahati’s involvement in a previous affair, sharing intimate content on social media, and generally behaving like a mad ocha-couple in love.

Diana initially made her public debut as a video vixen in Bahati’s wedding song, only for the joke to unexpectedly become a reality.

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