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Diana Marua Explains Why She Confessed To Being A Prostitute Before Bahati Changed her

Diana Marua Explains Why She Confessed To Being A Prostitute Before Bahati Changed her

A video of Diana Marua confessing she used to sleep with men for money resurfaced online sparking raw emotions from netizens.

The video was first uploaded online in October 2020 but it went viral again on November 18, 2022, as netizens wondered how many men Diana could have slept with.

In the video, Diana confessed that she used to date many men with each one allocated a specific role to her life.

“I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked. I lacked the whole of my life to a point where all I wanted was a good life, all I wanted was to live well. And I dated guys for money. I had people who used to give me… I dated someone who used to pay my rent, nlikua na mtu wa kunifanyia shopping ya nyumba, nlikua na mtu wa kunibuia manguo,” Diana said in part.

Diana came out to explain why she shared the video in the first place after being trolled for being a prostitute.

Bahati’s wife claims she shared her story about sleeping with men for money to testify that Jesus can make every woman’s wish come true.

Below is what she wrote;

Dear Girl Child ❤️

I thought I should write something to speak to many Women and girls who follow Me and look upto me. Girls that have dreams but don’t know where to start but despite hardships they still know what they want to become in Life.

I Was just scrolling n’ checking to see what’s popping on Social Media and I was surprised I am Top trending on twitter because of a video I posted years ago as I Dedicated to God a Mercedes Benz Gift 🎁 I had received from my Husband 🤩. It’s still funny that some KO.T s are watching this today 🙂 (anyway Glory to God it means Team Diana subscribers and Numbers are Growing 🙏).

LET ME GET TO THE POINT! Fellow Women and Girls the reason I opened Up about my past in this Video is because God has lifted me as an influencer to inspire my Generation. And also I strongly believe that True Role models don’t only tell their sweet stories but the Sad ones too. Mathew 5:14 is one of my favourite Scriptures and it reminds that “a City on a hill cannot be hidden “

THE VIDEO LINK IS STILL ON YOUTUBE; Watch and share with fellow Women and Girls with Dreams of starting up their own Families some day, Women who desire to accomplish their God- Given purpose.

Let them Know that’s very possible. Despite Knowing that the internet never fogets and the bloggers lazima waongeze Chumvi .. I did this Video Not Caring how some People will say orJudge Me (Ofcourse I should only Care about My hubby not Keyboard warriors 😉🤩❤).

I shared My story to Testify that Jesus can make every Woman’s wish come true. It pains me everytime I see our young Women lose hope and Bury their dreams as the society makes it look so impossible but if that was Diana 10 Years ago and today I’m a Proud Mother of 5, a Wife and Currently among the Most Followed Content Creators in Africa 🌍 TO THE WOMAN READING THIS DO NOT GIVE UP, WAKE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAM- YOUR TIME IS COMING!!!



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