Oga Obinna and Vincent Mboya engaged in a heated exchange over Stevo Simple Boy.

This is after Obinna called Stevo who was supposed to meet a client on Monday only for Mboya to pick up the call.

“Mboya, why I am talking to you?” Obinna questioned.

“I am with Stevo right now,” he responded

“I want to talk to Stevo not you,” Obinna pressed further and Mboya told him “we are shooting something.”

“I am not your friend one and then number 2 I am not calling Stevo for an interview, I am calling Stevo for money just give Stevo the phone I don’t want to talk to you,” Obinna hit back at him

“Is okay, lets finish shooting and then he will come,” Mboya said but Obinna could hear none of it. He insisted that he wanted to talk to Stevo.

“I am saying I am bringing him because I am the one who is driving him around bro,” Mboya said

“This guy was supposed to meet with client at 11 and now its 12.30,” Obinna told him

“That why I am saying we are finishing to shoot then we come,” the YouTuber further insisted.

Obinna questioned him what was important between the shooting and him bagging the deal.

Defending himself, Mboya said that he was also shooting with a client who will also give Stevo money.

Obinna was finally able to talk to Stevo after talking to his wife first. Stevo also told him that they would come soon after they are done shooting whatever they were  shooting.

Obinna recorded the whole conversation and shared the video on his Instagram account.

Captioning the video, Obinna said that he was very disappointed in Stevo, his management as well as Mboya.

The former radio host further said that he had chipped in to help the rapper because of the ongoing reports about  him.

“I speak to some boss friends of mine, one decides to come through and give him a job, 1 year contract with M02Bet. I call Vaga schedule for a meeting today a couple of days ago only for today to happen the way I have recorded it.,” Obinna said


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Stevo’s manager Vaga Genius  on the other hand has also come out to defend himself saying that he informed Stevo about the meeting despite the differences between them.

“I remember Obinna calling me on Sunday saying there is a client you guys need to meet on Monday at 11.30. Despite the difference of what is going on I told him it’s okay he will show up. I called Stevo at my place told him kuna issue but sina issue na wewe tomorrow I want you guys to go and make this money take this opprtunity to your advantage make sure you dress well I am kinda low mentally ow I don’t think I have the energy to represent you anymore,” the manager wrote on Insta stories.

According to him, Stevo agreed to go for the meeting. Vaga followed up with him on Monday but his wife answered the phone telling him Stevo was shooting something.

“I was like it’s a job that will bring you guys money despite all the false allegations and drama. Just go and and bag the money. At the same time I wanted them to experience what I go through every day trying to convince the client that the guy is worth this amount. If I was a bad guy I couldn’t have followed up if they went and couldn’t have told them about it. Maturity is when you don’t hold things and I still wnat the guy to prosper despite ;eaving me in the picture,” Vaga said.

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