“Naweka 3k namake 300k within seven seconds,” Eric Omondi explained how he bets.

Eric caused a stir when he showed off millions in cash that were stashed in his house while other were carelessly thrown all over.

The comedian decided to flaunt the money after Obinna claimed that he was either being sponsored by politicians to stage demos and distribute unga to people or he was into wash wash.

Eric however stated that he was not being sponsored by politicians, stressing that he makes money through sweat.

Obinna decided to visit Eric at his house to establish if the money he showed off was legit or fake.

“Kijana amenitembelea leo nikamuonyesha mahali mimi hutoa pesa…@ogaobinna ingia @pakamia_ bro ndio unifikie😎😎😎😎,” Eric Omondi wrote.

During the visit, Eric told Obinna that he makes most of his money through gambling. He further showed him his winnings on the phone.

“Hapa pia ndo naunda pesa yangu mob. Unajua hii ni nini? Hujui hi ni nini? No wonder uko broke bro. In seven seconds unaweza weka 10 bob, the least you can put ni 10 bob wadosi kama mimi naweka 3k unamake 300,000 within seven seconds. Kuja nikufundishe hizi vitu,” Eric told Obinna.


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