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Harmonize’s Ex-Wife Sarah Michelotti Returns To Tanzania As The Singer Prepares To Marry Kajala

Harmonize's Ex-Wife Sarah Michelotti Returns To Tanzania As The Singer Prepares To Marry Kajala

Sarah Michelotti, the first wife of Bongo star Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize, is currently in Tanzania.

The Italian arrived in Tanzania several days ago and has been exploring the island of Zanzibar in eastern side of the East African country.

In the past week, the model has been uploading photos showing her enjoying her time on the island and revealing that she is in Kiwengwa village.

“Feeling home …zanzibar,” she wrote.


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Sarah has been using her visit to Tanzania to bring back memories of the time she lived there and also to meet some of her friends she made at that time.

However, it has been rumored that she has been consulting lawyers and intends to take all that he gave to Harmonize. It has been claimed that some of the properties that the Konde Music Worldwide boss owns, including labels, houses and several cars, belong to his former wife.

Sarah dumped Harmonize in 2020 after being in a relationship with him for about four years. Last year, Harmonize composed the song ‘sorry’ to apologize to his ex-wife.

The singer said that their marriage began to fall apart when his girlfriend had traveled and after being alone for a while he was tempted to walk with the girl who gave birth to his daughter.

He said that Sarah was very heartbroken after learning that he had cheated and got another girl pregnant.

He explained that he tried hard to convince his lover to forgive him so that they could restore their relationship, but all his efforts were in vain.

“It hurt Sarah a lot because when you are in a relationship with someone, you have dreams of having a better family. It hurt her a lot and she couldn’t accept it. For a long time I was hiding it as long as our relationship could go well. I believed that even though she was angry, the time would come when she would accept the results. I was I’m looking for other ways to go to him so that he’s okay with everything but unfortunately it failed, he couldn’t accept it and went,” Harmonize said.

Sarah’s visit to Tanzania comes when the romance between Harmonize and her current fiancée Kajala Masanja is getting on another level about to enter the marriage phase.

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