Bahati is suffering after five days of dry spell but Diana Marua claims she gave him lungula during her red sea.

Bahati and Diana Marua have become a popular Kenyan celebrity couple after gaining fame through their acts in the entertainment industry.

Bahati, whose real name is Kevin, switched from gospel musician, to secular leaving his fans in shock, but signs were telling since his nemesis, Willy Paul changed gears.

Diana Marua, on the other hand, has grown to become an artist, model, actress, and influencer.

The two got married in a private ceremony years ago, and since then, they have become one of the most popular celebrity couples in Kenya. They have two children together, Heaven Bahati and Majesty Bahati.

The couple is known for sharing their personal lives on social media, and they have a significant following on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. They have also appeared on various TV shows, including their own reality show, “Being Bahati.”

Despite their success, the two love birds have also faced criticism and controversy over the years. Some of the controversies they have been involved in include allegations of fake clout chase activities, and allegations of using their children for publicity purposes.

Bahati Recalls How 'Pouring Outside' Messed Him After Impregnating Diana For Third Time

However, the couple has always denied these allegations and continues to maintain a strong presence in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

In a recent video, they are seen showering each other with love. Baha as Diana calls him, says he’s suffering a five days long dry spell, with no satisfaction from Diana B.

Diana reveals, that they had lungula a day ago, although she was in her red sea moment.

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