Mariamu Vinaywa, who worked as a house help for DJ Brownskin and his late wife Sharon Njeri, has come out to shed light about their lifestyle.

Speaking to Bob Shakwila, Mariamu said that she begun working for the couple in April 2022 immediately after finishing High School.

She admitted that the couple argued regularly and Sharon threatened to commit suicide several times.

“They used to quarrel regularly but because I saw myself as a minor I decide not to intervene in grown up issues, I don’t know anything about marriage. I though it was normal quarrels that would end because they have children meaning they will stick together.

“The quarrels increased as days went by but I decided to stick to what took me to the house. It was a bad situation. Very often, the lady of the house would say that she will kill herself. I thought those were just cold threats,” she narrated

According to her, DJ Brownskin was not moved by his wife’s threats and he would tell her to do whatever she wants.

Mariam said that the late Sharon would always begin the argument while blaming her husband.

“I think the man of the house was no longer respecting her. I never knew the cause of their fight but the man was the problem a couple of times,” she explained.

She added that DJ Brownskin would come to the house late and while drunk and start a fight.

On the day that Sharon drunk poison that allegedly led to her death, Mariamu said that she was in the kitchen preparing supper when the couple started their normal arguments.

“The children were sleeping, when I heard the argument. I knew it was normal and continued with my duties only to hear the man of the house asking me to bring milk,” she said.

The house girl found Sharon writhing in pain on the floor while the husband was just relaxing on the couch as he directed her what to do.

“I tried giving her milk but she could not take it because she was foaming. I was scared she could get choked,” she said.

Two neighbors heard the commotion and came to find out what was transpiring in their house.

“The husband however pushed them away and hurt one of them. Others came and the situation was handled a little bit. I don;t understand that man, it was so shocking” she recounted.

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