Rapper Trio mio was recently robbed by armed robbers in the middle of the night.

The incident that occurred at around 1 am saw the rapper lose two of his phones as well as his car keys.

According to him, he was coming from a recording studio when the criminals approached him.

“This thing is for real, I was coming from the studio and decided to pass through the streets at around 1am. I had taken my ring lights and everything out(of the car) since I wanted to go live on TikTok and was just locking the car door when I was accosted.

“They were three people on a motorcycle, they greeted me first. Two of them alighted when I turned they had already removed the gun and the other one had a machete. The one who was riding on the motorbike pointed the gun to a security guy who was over there.

“They had cocked the gun and put it on my stomach telling me not to try anything. I had even removed my hoods saying its better I remain naked but save my life, even if they wanted the car I would have given them as long as I remained alive,” Trio Mio narrated.

The teenage rapper is however grateful that he is still alive. The incident comes just days after his Instagram account was hacked by unknown individual. He however regained control of it.



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