“Whatever watu wanawaza hio ni shauri yao. Mi naskia utamu,” Lovestruck Jovial said in part.

Jovial, whose real name is Juliet Miriam Ayub, recently surprised her social media followers by introducing her new partner to the online community.

The Kenyan singer and songwriter decided to skip a low-key announcement and instead proudly declared that she is now in a committed relationship.

Jovial shared a series of photos showcasing her romantic getaway with her sweetie in the coastal region of Kenya.

The couple appeared deeply in love, radiating joy and contentment in each snapshot.

In an Instagram story update, the artiste receives affectionate kisses on her cheek and neck from a man who approaches her from behind, while warmly embracing her.

The ‘Jeraha’ hitmaker emphasized that she felt deserving of a  wonderful love and expressed deep gratitude for the happiness it brought to her.

“Whatever good that is happening in your life you deserve it! That is the Lord’s doing,” Jovial wrote accompanying the post with love and blushing face emojis.

Netizens have been claiming that Jovial is the one who takes care of her new boyfriend ever since she introduced him.

Jovial reacted to claims that she supports her new boyfriend financially while speaking in an Instagram Live video.

She said that her money had been spoiling her with his own money to the extend that she sometimes feels guilty.

“Pesa yangu ni yangu. Wee ni baby girl unafaa kutritiwa kama baby girl. You are a queen you are supposed to be treated like a queen. Mi sijui ni nini watu wanaandika huko kwa blogs ‘ohh sijui nini chali yake anafanya..’ Na vile analipanga bills hadi kuna time nashikwa na aibu. You know like I am an artiste so I love good stuff. Nigga has been paying bills hehehe,” Jovial said.

The sultry singer however noted that people are free to think the way they want, adding that she will not justify herself to anyone.

“People are so judgmental on social media, things that they don’t even know. I am not here to justify shit coz it’s not in my place. Whatever watu wanafikiria, wanawaza hio ni shauri yao. Mi naskia utamu. Sahi naskia utamu yani naenjoy. Yani look at my skin I am glowing man,” Jovial said.

“Now listen to this… Hakuna mwanaume mgumu katika haya maisha. If he is not spending money on you, you are not the person to be spent on,” she added.

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