Michelle Ntalami has advised Kenyans living in Nairobi to concentrate on making money instead of chasing love just when Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

According to her, money is one’s soulmate and not another man or woman.

Michelle said that once Nairobians realize that, that will be the end of their problems.

“If you’re living in Nairobi the day you realize that money is your soulmate and not someone’s child is the day your problems will disappear. Until then, wacha kazi ya roho ibaki moja,” she said.

The businesswoman further said that she was grateful to her company, Marini Naturals, for the personal growth, financial growth and hair growth.

Michelle might however be living by her word of making money her soulmate because she is currently not in any known relationship.

She recently denied being in a relationship with Fena Gitu although the two were spending quality time together and gushing over each other online.

She was however judged that she has the tendency of denying her partners in public.

Responding to that, Michelle said that she only denied her partner in a previous relationship because that is what they had agreed to.

“Let me begin with accountability on my part. I’ve learnt from past mistakes with regards to this. I was once in a relationship where due to it’s nature and a lot of mistrust within it, I didn’t feel confident to publicly confirm it.

“I also felt pressured to have to say what we were to the media. We mutually agreed that if they ask, we’ll ‘deny.’ Something we both did in interviews, not just myself,” Michelle said in a lengthy post on Instagram recently.

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