“Nilifeel pain vile KRG alikataa mtoto wetu!” “KRG alisema yeye hupata boys sana sana!”

Skyler claims she’s emotionally and mentally drained after being trolled online. A number of netizens said KRG would not sleep a lady of her class. However, she explains that has body changed as a result of pregnancy. Skyler just wants to meet KRG to talk over things.

Recently a trend has emerged within the world of Kenyan celebrities, and it involves individuals seeking attention by claiming that popular figures are the fathers of their children.

The latest addition to this, is a public confrontation between KRG The Don and a woman named Skyler Wanjiku, who alleges that he is the father of her 9-month-old daughter.

The argument captured on camera by Mungai Eve’s host Ciku, has once again sparked discussions about the authenticity of such claims and the motive behind them. Netizens are now wondering, are these claims real or just clout chasing?

Speaking to Ciku, KRG says, “Kuna watu wengine wanataka kuharibia wengine jina, mtu anaamka anasema wewe ni baba!” The “Mambo Imechemuka” hit singer says he knows his four kids. He also says, his mama raised him right and he doesn’t engage in one night stands.

KRG says he doesn’t know Skyler and has never met her, as she insists the two met at Casa Vera Lounge which is owned by KRG the Don.

SkylerThe confrontation between KRG The Don and Skyler Wanjiku unfolded during Ciku’s interview on Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel, with both parties airing their grievances and making their case.

The video footage captured their heated exchange, revealing the emotions and tensions involved in such personal matters being brought into the public eye, as KRG speaks with anger on phone.

KRG insists he’s not slept with anyone in Roysambu nor did he drop Skyler at an AirBnB in the area as she alleges. With anger in his voice, KRG says even if he wanted to assist Skyler raise her daughter, it’s not possible now because she has already thrown mud to his name.

The law will take it’s course to deal with people coming out to claim he’s a father to their kids. As a result of these exposes, KRG says a rift with his current girlfriend is giving him sleepless nights and people he deals with are finding it hard to work and trust him now.

krg kids“It is unfortunate that this trend of individuals seeking attention and validation by making claims about celebrity paternity seems to be growing!”

“Mimi niko na watoto 4, na wanawake tofauti but naishi na watoto wangu!” KRG says.

Skyler claims she is not afraid of KRG’s threats to take legal action against her.

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