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“Sasa Wewe Labda Nkuandike Kama Scarecrow Kwa Shamba Yangu” KRG angrily hit back at Stivo Simple Boy 


KRG the Don described Stivo Simple Boy as the ugliest thing alive while hitting back at him.

Stivo and KRG’s beef started after the former belittled the latter in an Instagram post.

The Kibera rapper wondered why KRG was being compared to him musically yet he didn’t even know who he was.

“Sio kwa ubaya ama nini KRG ni nani nimetagiwa sana kwenye Insta na mbona tunapiganishwa kimziki,” Stivo wrote on Instagram.

Stivo’s Instagram post completely angered KRG who hit back hard. He got personal and attacked Stivo’s looks.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, KRG vented out his anger at Stivo as he attacked his physical look.

He stressed that Stivo was so ugly and could only compare him to a scarecrow.

“Sasa wewe Simple Boy labda nkupeleke kwa shamba yangu huku nkuvalishe kanga ukue kama scarecrow kwa sababu sura yako inatisha sana. Usijaribu kabisa Simple Boy. Sura yako inatisha sana kujicompare na handsome boy kama mimi,” KRG ranted.


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