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Mammito: I Have A Crush On Stivo Simple Boy, His Smile Kills Me


Mammito Eunice has revealed that his celebrity crush is rapper Stivo Simple Boy.

The former Churchill show comedienne said that Stivo has a killer smile and the fact that he is single they can work out something.

Mammito added that she can easily slide in his DM and urged Stivo to give her a call.

“I have a crush on Stivo Simple Boy. His smile kills me. He is not taken. He broke up with Pritty Vishy. Stivo call me [we dicuss]me and you, ” she said in an interview with Kaka J tv.

At the same time, Mammito said that she is dating after breaking up with Butita but is yet to reveal who her boyfriend is. The comedienne however denied claims that her break-up with Butita was meant for chasing clout.

“It was not clout. The two of us decided that the best thing for us was to part ways. For me it is a normal thing because, it was better to part so that each of us can have a peace of mind,” she said.

She refused to reveal what caused the breakup saying that she had already moved on with life.

Butita and Mammito parted ways over a year ago.

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