Sailors Gang had accused Mwalimu Rachel of stealing Ksh 15,000,000 monthly and squeezing one of their own’s nuts.

Miracle Baby has revealed the factors that contributed to the downfall of the Gengetone group Sailors Gang.

In a video posted on social media by their former manager Mwalimu Rachel, Miracle Baby confesses that the group unknowingly entered into contract with criminal syndicates and cartels, which ultimately caused their death musically.

After years of speculation and numerous accusations directed at Mwalimu Rachel for embezzlement of money from their music and refusing to give access to channels, Miracle Baby has finally disclosed that there existed other factors that were purely on their hands.

These issues led to the end of Sailors Gang’s music journey that had picked up in 2020.

The Sailors Gang was approached by cartels who lured them with enticing promises of support. These cartels offered to finance their studio sessions and music videos, alluring the young artists with dreams of fame and fortune.

Faced with the tempting prospect of financial backing, the group reluctantly entered into agreements, hoping to advance their careers and secure a stable financial future.

Mwalimu Rachel unveiled that Sailors Gang secretly signed the contract without her knowledge, and now that everything has unraveled, the truth has come to light.

She further asserted that Sailors Gang should cease blaming the cartels, as their own greed and impatience played a role. Mwalimu Rachel was accused of taking away Ksh 15 million monthly from the group.

Like others before them, the contracts and promises never came to fruition just like their instant internet fame.

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