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“We Usituonyeshe Rosecoco” Netizens Attack Mama Milly Wa Jesus

Mama Milly Wa Jesus

The internet is full of mad people and Milly Wa Jesus should protect her mother as she tries content business.

Like Andrew Kibe says, the moment one joins the chaotic world of content generation, they become a point of attention. Normally, things will not go as one wishes and sometimes, comments can be ruthless.

Ninjas behind keyboard will just anything without a care of how the subject will feel or be affected. This is done with intention to attract attention and spark engagements.

Netizens have expressed their heartfelt concern for Mama Milly Wa Jesus, as they receive her content with a deep sense of empathy and care.

In a world dominated by digital interactions, Mama Milly’s presence has resonated with countless individuals, capturing their attention and stirring emotions but to some, they are already having wild thoughts:IT’S DISTURBING.

Others feel Milly Wa Jesus, should not let her mom engage in the trend she seems to want to exploit.

However, beneath her radiant smile and seemingly endless optimism to become a star like her daughter and in law Kabi Wa Jesus, netizens have detected a subtle vulnerability that might end in bad taste and regret.

With a genuine concern, netizens have extended their support but also feel Mama Milly’s content should be reviewed well before sharing, understanding that behind the curated content lies a human being with emotions, dreams, and struggles.

Enough said, it’s very hard to control how someone behind a keyboard writes, thus Milly should take control.

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