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“Nina Uhakika Hawezi Ruridia Tena” Jovial Roughs Up Randy Man After He Gropes Her Buttocks 


Sultry singer Jovial was embroiled in an ugly altercation with a randy reveler in a club after he grabbed her behind without her consent.

Jovial, whose real name is Juliet Miriam Ayub, dropped a steamy performance in a club that got the crowd all revved up.

The sultry songbird was seen gyrating on a tiny stage while surrounded by revelers as she performed in the club.

It was after her steamy performance that Jovial was sexually assaulted by a randy man as she left the stage.

The singer however didn’t waste time teaching the man a hard lesson about respecting a woman’s body. She pounced on him and roughed him up.

Jovial narrated her ordeal on her post on social media, she noted that she was very certain the man would never grope another woman after what she did to him.

“So for the first time a fan disrespectfully grabbed my a*** after performance tulipita kuenda kukaa! Labda nikutaarifu tu kama wewe pia una hiyo tabia! Maana hata yeye hakutarajua naweza kugeuka mbogo ghafla! Im not gonna wait for security to take action! Ntakuvuruga! Nina uhakika hawezi kurida tena!” Jovial wrote.


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