Home Entertaintment Njugush Addresses Eric Omondi’s Controversial Crossdressing 

Njugush Addresses Eric Omondi’s Controversial Crossdressing 

Njugush Addresses Eric Omondi's Controversial Crossdressing 

Comedian Njugush wonders why people have been criticizing Eric Omondi for dressing like women yet other comedians who do the same get away scot free.

“There has been an issue about cross-dressing, whether it’s a thing of the past or now?” Njugush said.

“I would want to ask a question when Eric Omondi does cross-dress, we speak a lot, but when Flaqo or Crazy Kennar does the same, it’s funny,” he added.

The further suggested that society could be tough on Eric because he is not expected to be doing some things.

“Maybe for Eric Omondi tumemweka mahali fulani, (we have placed him somewhere) but he is trying to change with the times but it’s a tricky balance,” the comedian answered the rhetorical question.

Eric has attracted the ire of a lot of people for dressing like a woman and ‘going too far’.

Prezzo decided to unfollow Eric on social media following the controversial video in which the comedian wore a pink bodysuit for a skit on his show Divalicious.

However, Eric slammed Prezzo for unfollowing him and vowed to do more just to piss the rapper and other ‘haters’.

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