Andrew Kibe picked up a fight with Obinna after accusing him of being behind the termination of his YouTube account.

The controversial content creator found himself in the midst of a digital storm when his YouTube channel was unexpectedly terminated on September 11, 2023.

With nearly 500,000 subscribers, 159.5 million views, and a library of 3,000 videos, the sudden loss of his channel left many of his fans puzzled and Kibe himself deeply frustrated.

During a recent live session, Kibe made shocking allegations, accusing two Kenyan celebrities, Ringtone and Oga Obinna, of being involved in the termination of his YouTube channel.

He went a step further by claiming that Oga Obinna was the mastermind behind this ordeal and had conspired with feminists in the corporate world to bring him down.

The accusations against Oga Obinna have sparked controversy and heated discussions among Kenyan social media users. While Kibe did not provide concrete evidence to support his claims, he firmly held his position that Oga Obinna was the most malicious of the two celebrities he accused. Ringtone is diabolical he says.

Obinna has now suggested a boxing match with Kibe to end his frustrations with him.

The former Kiss FM presenter insisted that respect between them can only be restored after the fight.

“Accept challenge tumalize hii story watu waheshimiane. Kibe accept my challenge tuheshimiane,” Obinna dared Kibe.


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