Philip Karanja said his first pay as an actor on Citizen TV’s Tahidi High drama series was so little but increased with time.

Speaking during an interview with local media, the actor-cum-film producer said that when he started acting on Tahidi High he used to earn a meagre Ksh500 bob per episode.

“We used to get paid Ksh500 per episode on Tahihi High,” Phil said.

When he joined Tahidi High together with Abel Mutua in 2007, the duo was just extras on the show which began earlier.

However, when they became main actors on the show, they received Ksh3,000 per episode.

By the time Phil and Abel were leaving the show in 2014, they were earning 20,000 per episode.

The duo teamed up to start their production company Phil-it. Their Production studio is in Kahawa Sukari.

“We like it here, as film producers, our business thrives in quiet environments such as this. We don’t live here, this is just our office where most of the productions take place,” Phil said.

The actor-cum-film producer is currently trending following his divorce from popular actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress/Celina.

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