Sensational politician, businesswoman, and media personality Iris Kaingu has people talking about her long after Rihanna’s Fenty launch.

Iris Kaingu shocked the entire world by showing up at the Fenty launch in Zambia wearing a revealing fishnet that showed off her bosom leaving nothing to the imagination at all.

The beautiful woman who vied for a political seat last year has social media from all over the world talking all about her and wanting to know more about her after her bold fashion statement that was the talk of the entire African continent alongside Fenty’s launch.

Iris Kaingu isn’t and wasn’t fazed at all by whatever everybody has to say, she’s living her best life without any worry in the world because she’s classy like that.


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Due to the level of the explicit photos that a lot of people might deem NSFW, we can’t post them right here, instead, click on the link below:

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