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Real Reason Why Pastor Nganga Desperately Tried To Shut His Wife From Speaking At His Daughter’s Wedding

Real Reason Why Pastor Nganga Desperately Tried To Shut His Wife From Speaking At His Daughter's Wedding

Pastor Nganga tried to grab microphone from his wife in a desperate bid to shush her because he feared she was exposing their troubled marriage.

The Neno Evangelist founder caused drama at his daughter’s wedding when his wife was addressing the crowd.

The preacher’s daughter Elizabeth Nyambura Maina married Joseph Njeru at an invite-only wedding held at a garden in Karen on Friday March 18th 2022.

Pastor Nganga rudely interrupted his wife Loise Murugi Maina when she took to the podium to advise the newlyweds about marriage.

The controversial preacher tried to stop his wife from speaking but she kept moving away from him in a desperate bit to deliver her speech.

“Marriages are not smooth, they have ups and down but that’s the joy of a marriage. Hio ndo raha ya ndoa. Iko na juu iko na chini. If you were to travel on a straight road it will be a very boring safari. It will be one very boring long safari. But any safari that has corners has ups and downs is enjoyable, so marriages has its ups and downs but by the grace of God we are able to conquer all that. So I wish you all the best, I wish you well, I wish you prosperity and I wish you the blessings of the Lord,” said Loise Murugi.

After her speech, pastor Nganga told the audience that he wished the microphone could have malfunctioned so that his wife couldn’t deliver her speech.

“Ehh ata nlikuanaomba hio mic iaribike kabisa,” said the preacher.

The moment Loise started talking about marriages not being a bed of roses her husband moved in and tried to stop her from talking, but why? The answer goes back to 2014 when she filed for divorce from the controversial pastor.

Pastor Nganga married Loise on 30th June 2012 after his first wife died, but only two years into their marriage she tried to divorce him.

Loise filed for divorce from pastor Nganga in 2014 accusing the man of cloth of being abusive to her, adulterous and drunk.

In a child support case filed on September 2nd 2014 at the Milimani Children’s Court in Nairobi, Loise accused the flamboyant preacher of assaulting her physically and not providing for their child.

Loise was seeking Ksh535,000 monthly in child upkeep for their daughter. She stated in her affidavit that she had no job to support herself and her daughter.

She described her husband as a man of means renowned for his lavish lifestyle and who would not have any problem coming up with the amount she was seeking.

Pastor Nganga on his part accused Loise of deserting their matrimonial home without notice and denying him access to their daughter whom he feared would not be brought up “with proper moral values.”

However, Pastor Nganga and Loise reconciled and even had two more children. Speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo in August 2019, the preacher blamed their brief separation on witchcraft.

Back to 2022, pastor Nganga desperately tried to shut his wife from talking about marital woes at his daughter’s wedding because he feared she was referring to their own troubled marriage.

Nganga would rather have his wife tell the newlywed comforting lies about marriage than the bitter truth.

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