Heaven Bahati fell sick in the middle of the night and her mother Diana Marua was forced to rush her to the hospital.

Diana took to Instagram to share a video of her and her daughter at the hospital, as a nurse attended to them.

“How is it that babies can be okay the whole day! You play with them, watch movies, laugh together and eat together then all of a sudden at 2 am everything changes,” she wondered.

According to her, the minor did not show any signs of illness during the day. She however started coughing persistently in the middle of the night.

“My daughter Heavie showed no symptoms of not being okay until I went to check on her in the middle of the night when I heard her coughing persistently. She was down with a bad flu, dry irritating cough, her eyes were so and okay, she was not okay,”

The mother of three rushed her to Komarock Modern hospital where she was attended to and later discharged.


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Her post has however elicited mixed reactions among fans with some wondering why she would record as others wished the little one a quick recovery.

“Why are cameras allowed in hospitals?? I am a nurse too and wouldn’t allow to be on camera for whatever reason aki.”

“Get well soon angel from Heaven as your name … healing is your potion in Jesus Name.”

“Fever with that heavy black blanket? Surely, what happened to nursing 101? Hope she gets better soonest.”

“Huko wanalalanga na viatu hadi.”

“So mlifika mkaseti camera Kwanza.”

“ii ni ile baridi mliwaeka nje usiku aty ni father’s.”



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