Zuchu had to cut off her performance, and dash way after stones hit her face on stage.

Tanzanian singer and sensation Zuchu faced a distressing and dangerous situation during her live performance. Some angry fans in Mbeya, as part of the anticipated regional tour of the renowned Wasafi Festival, threw stones at the Sukari hitmaker, hitting her face and forcing her to cut short her performance.

This event has left both fans and netizens in disbelief, raising questions about why some individuals appear to have such intense dislike for the talented artist.

The incident occurred during a pre-Wasafi Festival show in Mbeya, a city in southwestern Tanzania, where Zuchu was set to grace the stage with her exceptional musical talent.

Fans had gathered in anticipation of a memorable night, but what unfolded was far from anyone’s expectations.

As Zuchu was performing, a group of angry fans began to hurl insults and stones towards the stage, with some hitting her face.

Zuchu’s team quickly rushed to her aid, helping her off the stage.

The fans continued to shout and display their anger, leaving concertgoers and event organizers stunned by the sudden turn of events.

The incident has sparked outrage and concern across social media platforms.

Netizens have taken to their accounts to condemn the perpetrators of this ugly act, questioning why anyone would resort to such violence during a live performance.

Zuchu has been a rising star in the Tanzanian and East African music scene, earning recognition and admiration for her melodious voice and incredible hit songs.


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