Apparently, there is a ghetto beef between Pritty Vishy and Manzi Wa Kibera who both of them hail from Kenya’s largest slum.

Manzi Wa Kibera revealed there was bad blood between her and Vishy when she attacked her on social media.

“Why would you call yourself pretty? Why would you cry ukiitwa Kibaki but wewe unajua kunitusi that wig zangu zina nuka wewe ndio una nuka meno,” Manzi Wa Kibera attacked Pritty Vishy.

In April this year, Pritty Vishy couldn’t stomach being likened to late President Mwai Kibaki who had just died.

She broke down into tears in a video shared on social media. Manzi Wa Kibera is now hitting her where it hurts the most.

The ratchet socialite also claimed that Pritty’s relationship with Madini Classic is all a publicity stunt meant to create hype.

“Hio ni kiki and honestly this will diminish your brand mimi niliacha kiki na niki safiro aitakua kiki… anyway am just being honest and I habe evidence. Unafanya kiki na Madini ati mna date ndio atoe ngoma,” she wrote.

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