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10 Hot Photos Of Georgey, The Man Who Bought Justina Syokau A V8, That Are Driving Kenyan Women Crazy


We have exclusively found Georgey, the man who gifted Justina Syokau a V8, for her birthday.

From his gesture, Georgey became a darling of many Kenyan women after surprising Justina with a vehicle that she claimed was worth millions of shillings.

Generally, buying a car for a partner or friend or someone you appreciate can be a thoughtful and generous gesture, but it is not necessarily a measure of a person’s worth as a gentleman.

He seems friendly and a man who loves to make others happy just like she did to Justina Syokau on her birthday.

Justina Syokau and Georgey

Kenyan women labelled Georgey as a gentleman but also noted he seemed respectful, empathetic, loving, and kind.

Additionally, I think buying material items is not the only way to show love and care for a person and it should not be considered the only way to show gentlemanly behavior.

While Justina kept his name private, we have found his name and other details.

His profile shows, he’s a man who loves to stay fit and also he’s a father. He also appreciates and posts his family, especially his sisters often.

His relationship with 2023 hit singer, Justina is not known but we will soon get all the details from our source.

Even as Kenyans online speculated it was just an act, the man continues to given Kenyan women sleepless nights.

The mystery is now over.

Check out some of his hot photos.

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