Mpenzi Chokuu is a gay Kenyan fitness model and socialite who loves to show off his curvaceous body online.

Mpenzi Chokuu, who resides in Cologne, Germany, was once an ordinary man, but how he changed and fit perfectly in a female body look is always confusing.

Built like a man but feminine as it can be, he has over the years attracted a lot of conversation and following.

The vocal and no nonsense LGBTQ member, likes to share his photos dressed mostly in women clothes. He is always working out at the gym as she tries to grow his behinds to appear woman-like.

After the death of fashion model and activist Edwin Chiloba, Kenyans have been awakened by the reality that, queer people have relationships that mirror those of what is viewed as normal relationship.

Mpenzi Chokuu says believes that wrong must be called out if its wrong; regardless of the sexuality preference. While morning the late Chiloba, he says, “Say His Name”

Chokuu says futher, “If you advocacy for intimate partner violence does not include queer people it’s biased.” He believes Edwn Chiloba was a victim of intimate partner violence.

As the death of Edwin broke the internet, there were different reactions, most of them condemning the heinous and brutal murder. The suspects involved have already been arrested. Chokuu says, people should not celebrate someone else’s misery, like they’ve done this past week.

The US government has requested  Kenyan authorities to carry out fair investigations into the murder of Chiloba.

Human rights activists have also asked for justice in the most inhumane murder, reported in the country on attacks at LGBTQ community members.

Anyway, here are serious photos of Mpenzi Chokuu that can give women serious competition when it comes to that perfect look.

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