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5 Times Karen Nyamu Has Proved She Is A Sex Maniac

5 Times Karen Nyamu Has Proved She Is A Sex Maniac

Several questions have been raised after a very pregnant Karen Nyamu and Umoja 1 MCA Mark Mugambi were seen passionately smooching in a car.

At 7 months pregnant, you would think Karen Nyamu is struggling with fatigue, sleeplessness, heartburn, swollen feet, mood swings, loss of appetite etc. but wapi, apparently she is struggling with increased sex drive.

Nyamu is pregnant with Samidoh’s baby (at least she claims so) but she is now smashing Umoja 1 MCA Mark Mugambi.

The smooching with Mugambi in a car is not an isolated incident, Nyamu is a sex maniac pregnant or not pregnant.

A sex maniac a person whose need for sexual gratification is excessive or obsessive. Nyamu has uncontrollable or somewhat excessive sexual desire.

Incident No 2

On January 18th 2022, Karen Nyamu raised a furore over her speech during United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party rally at Kenyatta market in Nairobi.

The Nairobi senatorial seat aspirant gave a suggestive speech loaded with sexual innuendos that sparked public anger.

She described deputy president William Ruto’s pecker as a steady iron that doesn’t need to be caressed to get erect.

“Na nimetumwa na warembo wote wa Jubilee wamesema wale wanaotupangia mzee huko kwa mahoteli wawache madharau bana. Sisi tuko na chuma hapa. Tunataka chuma imesimama sindio? Warembo sindio? Tunataka chuma ya kupepetwa ya kulazimishwa kazi? Chuma ni?” Nyamu said.

Incident 3

Karen Nyamu met a married Samidoh when he was performing at a political event in late 2019, she didn’t waste time getting pregnant for someone’s husband.

She gave birth to Samidoh’s son in December 2020. Samidoh publicly denied that he was Karen’s baby daddy for months until January 2021 when Nyamu spilled the beans.

Samidoh publicly apologized to his wife after Nyamu exposed him. However Nyamu didn’t give up, she got pregnant for Samidoh again, the pregnancy she is currently carrying. Uncontrolled sexual desire mhh…

Incident 4

In August 2021, Samidoh beat Karen Nyamu black and blue accusing her of cheating on him.

Samidoh confronted Nyamu about a guy she was seen with in Mombasa (that guy could have been Umoja 1 MCA Mark Mugambi) but Nyamu said it was ‘just a business meeting’.

Nyamu who was three months pregnant then was beaten silly by Samidoh when she flew back to Nairobi.

Samidoh went to her house to give her the beating when she returned to Nairobi from her alleged sexpade in Mombasa.

He broke her expensive iPhone and Nyamu vowed to report him to police, but she didn’t.

Incident 5

You know what they say about women who smoke weed? Ladies who smoke weed are said to be freaks in bed, bedroom bullies.

Karen Nyamu is a weed smoker and she publicly proved it in August 2019 when she was seen smoking a joint at Umeme Grounds in Nairobi’s Ziwani area during the finals of the annual Koth Biro football tournament that she had partly sponsored.


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