By means of crafty deductions, logical premises and syllogism, we examine the succession of Kenya’s 4th president Uhuru Kenyatta by highlighting on the frame works of marketing efforts through strategies that have hitherto, been ployed by the former prime minister Raila Odinga and deputy president William Ruto.

Our inherent insights and convictions draw inference from the 10th of December Azimio la umoja launch that happened at Kasarani Stadium. Since, It was at this function that Raila made public his intentions to vie for the top seat come 2022.

“All I seek is an opportunity to serve” projected Raila wearing a face of a bold freedom fighter, liberator and a surviving martyr not only able but deserving to lead a people to the promised land.

His key message, was forging forth a united country.

One that incorporates and upholds citizens as chief stakeholders and decision makers incritical matters that pertains to their governance. Thereby, according them unlimited rights to bargain on issues of common national interest.

Granting them also unconditional rights to determine and shape the course of their desired realities as individuals, families, communities making up a nation. Efforts to this effect, were reiterated by the blitz campaign videos screening regional commitment towards the realization of this united republic.

Earlier on, before Raila’s address, took to stage a clerical leader whom, while praying, asserted that Raila was fated to become Kenya’s next president whether the devil liked it or not.

Having served the country as a member of Parliament, Minister of Energy, Roads, Public works and Housing, and having attempted his first feat and emerging 3rd in 1997, Raila envisages 2022 as the dawn to his reign as the country’s fifth president.

Speaking before governors, trade unionists, government officials, top business cabals, loyalists and lunatics, the ODM party leader, modest in ambition and powerful in mandate, unveiled a ten point plan that to his belief, would propel the country currently grappling with contraction from the implications of Covid 19 to its Glory.

In a nutshell, Raila’s Azimio la umoja campaign by ipso facto, was an international display of coherency and consistency, of ability and flexibility. Terming the occasion gibberish, the deputy president William Ruto has pointed out the fact that Raila lacks a tangible track record to show Kenyans.

Having ascended to his position by the virtue of being Uhuru’s running mate in 2012, Ruto, has equally served as a minister of Agriculture, Home affairs and of Education Science and Technology.

Determined to succeed his boss, Ruto has blamed their unfulfilled promises to the handshake claiming that Raila’s infiltration of the government, destabilized the implementations of initial development plans they had with Uhuru Kenyatta.

Consequently, he proposes a bottom up economic model that he maintains will induce change into the economy by significantly uplifting the poor citizens working in informal sectors.

Making it a battle between Us and them, Ruto identifies himself as a hustler to effectively appeal to the consciousness and eventual support of the poor majority.

The dynasties, as he refers to his competitors, have, for years placed a yoke of slavery on kenyans. One he is determined to break when he becomes the president. Breaking the protocols during the Jamhuri day celebrations, president Kenyatta invited Raila to speak to a cheering crowd at the deputy president’s dismay.

This move indicated the president’s preferred successor between the two. Even so, both Raila and Ruto have in the past been implicated in various corruption scandals during their tenure.

Thus, the final say rests with the spectators and citizens who need to conduct a thorough soul search for themselves, bearing in mind that politics is a constant battle between two lesser evils.

An Opinion by one Brian Oguna.

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