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Akothee Denies Snatching Omondi From Another Woman

Akothee Denies Snatching Omondi From Another Woman

Akothee has come forward to address the rumour that she took her fiancé Omondi from another Kenyan woman.

Reports that have been spreading on social media claim that the white man from Switzerland was previously dating a young woman from Mombasa who connected her with Akothee before finally leaving her and embarking on a relationship with the singer.

Mr Omosh has however denied claims that the woman identified as Lucy connected him with his fiancée Akothee and made it clear that it was his friend who connected them.

“The first day I got to know Esther, I met her through my friend Pius who lives near Lake Zug, he was in France on his way to Italy for his vacation and after this video call I told myself I must meet her in person,” Omosh said through his page. of Instagram.

Omosh said after meeting Akothee in Switzerland on July 16 through his friend Pius, he fell in love with her instantly.

“I didn’t care about her condition or who she was, I really liked her mind, her spirit, her personality, her strength and she is beautiful,” he said.

He has said that the young lady who claims that her ex-boyfriend was just a partner who was helping him make his visits to Kenya and made it clear that he was not involved in any way in his meeting with Akothee.

“I met Esther innocently and I was not connected with a woman from Kenya. I told Lucy that my friend has contact with a woman who runs a travel business and that I will meet her. Then she remembered seeing her at Serena Hotel Mombasa at breakfast some time ago. Lucy is not the one connected. It was my friend Pius,” said Omosh.

Omosh said he broke off his relationship with Lucy after meeting Akothee as he no longer needed her services.

Now he has called on the young lady to leave him and Akothee and give them a chance to enjoy their relationship in peace.

Akothee herself also made it clear that she didn’t elope with Omosh as claimed by Lucy.

“I know you all have such a photo in your phones but you can’t post because he belongs to someone and you equally belong to so many and the line is endless SITUATION SHIP . Wacha WIVU kubali nimependwa iishe . Mzungu will tell you as it is
If he wants sex only he will tell you , if he wants a relationship he will tell you. If he is in a relationship he will tell you .if he is married he will also tell you. They are straight to the point.
If the relationship is over he will also tell you. That’s the difference between them and us . Sisi wengine mabwana za watu watakuomba mtoi na hata huji ana bibi na watoto Saba wanatembea bila nguo ,just for him to get naked sex with no condoms 🤣🤣🤣 sijataja mtu,” Akothee wrote.


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