“The same music, the same dance moves that you used to dance in 90s in local clubs in Mombasa,” a fan has told Akothee after noticing that she only listens to a single genre of foreign music every morning.

The fan has taken issue with Akothee for always dancing to Lingala songs while doing her morning work out routine.

According to the fan, Akothee is doing injustice to her songs by listening to the songs that she used to dance in clubs when she was still struggling.

The netizens told her to use the opportunity to promote her songs, so that Kenyans can also support her music and get to know even just one of her songs.

“The same music, the same dance moves that you used to dance in 90s in local clubs in Mombasa. How can Kenyans support your music if you always promote other people’s music. Channel your energy to your music and dance maybe some people will know even just one of your songs,” the Facebook user said.

Responding to the comment, Akothee however disagreed with his views and noted that dancing to her own music will be pretense. According to her, her fans should be doing that instead, adding that she was having fun.

“It will be pretense to dance to my music, what will my fans dance to? Not every time is business time you can have fun too,” the entrepreneur said.

Meanwhile Akothee is set to quit social media and leave the country to Switzerland where her husband is based this Friday.

Akothee said that the move is intended to see her get pregnant with her second last born before July. She had hoped to conceive the period around her last month’s wedding but it was impossible.

“Days are running and the year is getting closer , we are not pregnant Yet ,I think I am too stressed. So I want to put everything on Hold and concentrate on my love life. If I don’t get pregnant between now and July ,every other thing will wait, my Dr @swaleh__md told me to hold on until after the wedding, she told me clearly that weddings drains energy therefore I might not get pregnant that soonor I might loose the pregnancy again,” the mother of five said recently.


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