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Akothee Explains Why She Hasn’t Yet Introduced Mzungu Lover To Her Mother 


Akothee claims that she is afraid to introduce her new mzungu boyfriends to her mother.

On her Instagram page, the mother of five has claimed that it has never been easy to approach her parent.

He has revealed that he has only ever introduced his two lovers to his mother as he does not like people jumping from one relationship to another.

“I have always found it very difficult to introduce a fiancé. I have only officially introduced 2 men to my mother. That is my first marriage, and Wuon Oyoo, this will be my 3rd. And it is a struggle,” she said.

The singer further made a request to his parents to make it easier for her to introduce her sweetheart.

“My mother doesn’t recognize your boyfriend, she will ignore you and she won’t even greet you with her hand, that girl can quickly turn to you. Tell her to loosen the rope, this is okay,” she said.

As it is difficult for her to approach her mother, Akothee has been using the help of her uncle to reach her.

She has revealed that there is a great friendship between the uncle and her that she even shares all her secrets with him.

“My uncle loves me just the way I am, he will be the first to tell him my secrets and send him to tell his sister Hon Kokeyo that I have met someone,” said the singer.

Last month Akothee introduced Mr Schweizer as his new boyfriend, just months after splitting from Nelly Oaks.

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