“Wenye walisema Omosh hana nyumba, hapa ni wapi? Ama ni kwako?” Akothee asks Netizens.

Akothee, the mother of five, has strongly criticized those who spread rumors suggesting that her husband, Denis Schweizer, also known as ‘Omosh,’ does not own a home.

In a social media video, she proudly showcased Omosh’s kitchen in Switzerland, proving the naysayers wrong.

Akothee boldly called out all the individuals who had wrongly claimed that her husband was homeless, firmly defending his homeownership.

“Wenye walisema Omosh Hana nyumba. Hapa ni wapi? Ama ni kwako?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Eeh next question❓” Akothee boasts in the video.

“To those who claimed that Omosh doesn’t have a house, where is it then? Is it at your place? I’m asking all those haters who said, “Omosh is homeless, he lives on the streets.” Is this your place? Why are you always so nosy and meddlesome? Can’t you just calm down and mind your own business? Where is Omosh’s house? This person is married now, so I’m asking, is this your place? Is this your pot? Do you have a pot like this to come here and judge other people’s lives?” Akothee asks.

Akothee further mentioned that she is currently in Omosh’s house, having transitioned from being his girlfriend to his wife, which now enables her to take care of house chores for him.

“Now I have been brought into the house. You wanted me to fulfill the duties of a housewife while I was still a girlfriend. You wanted me to upgrade myself to a wife when I was just a girlfriend. I don’t engage in such foolishness; I won’t upgrade myself into a man’s house only for them to treat me like a doormat. I don’t upgrade myself, I am upgraded. Now I can do house chores.” Madam Boss reveals.

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