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Akothee Taken Aback By Insane Reactions Generated By Her S3x Confession


Akothee opened up about her s3x life with mzungu lover Omondi after she recently fell sick again.

The mother of five was confined to compulsory bed rest after intense weeks of supervising her construction project.

Akothee controversial singer confessed that she regularly falls sick when she is in a relationship because she fears s3x.

“I am not admitted, we came back home & feeling better, thanks for your wishes. I fall sick in relationships because I fear S3x. I just love to cuddle, kazi ngumu usiku kupendukiwa penduliwa kama ugali sipendi, napenda usingizi. mimi ndio shida. Date me at your own Risk 🤣🤣🤣,” Akothee wrote.

Her confession attracted crazy reactions from netizens that Akothee herself was even puzzled.

The singer noted that the post about her s3x life got over 4,000 comments on Facebook, while a post about her personal life got 3,000 comments as another post about God only got 260 comments.

“You can clearly see human beings behavior 🤣🤣
👉Sex topic 4000 comments
👉My personal life 3000 comments
God’s word 260 comments
Who is immoral here ?
My life your entertainment. I will confuse you to death 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,” Akothee wrote.



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