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Makena Njeri Photos that broke the internet On Her 30th Birthday

Makena Njeri
Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri decided to treat her social media fans to a sweeping view of her unclothed body as she celebrated her 30th birthday.

The popular lesbian took to social media to talk about her past on her birthday and also posted never-seen-before photo of herself totally [email protected]

She however tactfully hid her private parts in the birthday suit photo that she posted on her Instagram account.

“My mother used to say before you can say Jack Robison you will be done with school and heading out to start your life. She was right! Bless her soul my angel ? .

“Even before I could say Jack Robison I was done with primary and high school so fast and now as an adult I often reflect on how fast those days flew by as a teenager. The multiple life experiences I had that shape the older me right now.

“The innocence that comes with being a teenager should be nurtured more. I celebrate the younger me on this first post because that person was brave, resilient and determined. I celebrate the younger me who dared to dream and aimed for the stars . The younger me who knew that from a very young age I would be treated differently by an inhumane society but still kept pushing forward knowing that freedom lies ahead.

“I celebrate that younger me whose innocence l still admire. I promise to bring back some of the fire I had in my belly growing up when overthinking was not part of my everyday conversation. If I wanted to do something I would just do it without fear of judgment because we all need that childlike spirit! Today as I turn 30! I want to go back, way back to that innocent child who was happy for no reason, was always curios and would fight tirelessly for something. I want to worry less and just live ?,” wrote Makena Njeri.

She added that;

“Then came my 20’s! Another decade I will forever be grateful for. I never imagined that at one point in my life I would make the decision to jump and come to the big city! Nairobi. I came here for a reason and it’s only now ten years later that I understand it even more!

“One night you are sleeping on a bench in the streets in the middle of the capital city,the next few years you are a trending topic every time you choose to speak and live your truth, the next season you find your purpose and start to walk that journey without fear. All this things have required a lot from me!A lot of braveness, strength,vulnerability,failure,pain,loss,shame but the rewards have given me a reason to keep pushing.

“I have met beautiful souls in this city, I have fallen Inlove in this city, I have found family and friends who have loved me and held me high no matter what. My heart is full of gratitude as I say goodbye to my 20’s you were absolutely worth the ride. I carry with me the lessons and move on up to my 30’s with more wisdom.

“My biggest lesson as I reflect on those ten years. It doesn’t matter what you do, who you meet, what they tell you, never forget WHO YOU ARE! This is my…”




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