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“Ananikula Ju Nimekubali Anikule” Amber Ray Speaks Out After Sexapade With Jamal In Mombasa


Jamal ‘Rohosafi’ Marlow has denied he was in Mombasa with his ex wife Faith Makau aka Amber Ray despite incriminating evidence.

Photos of Jamal and Amber Ray shopping together in a supermarket in Mombasa were leaked online amid rumors that the two have rekindled their love.

The Matatu Operators Association chairman reportedly flew his ex wife to the Coastal city to engage in all manner of debauchery.

Jamal however vehemently denied that he was in Mombasa with Amber Ray, claiming that he was in his office in Nairobi working hard like an ant.

Edgar Obare’s informants were quick to dismiss Jamal’s claim that he was in Nairobi working amid damning evidence that he was in Mombasa with Amber Ray.

Netizens also poked fun at how Jamal flew Amber Ray to Mombasa to chew her mercilessly before he jetted back to Nairobi and denied it all.

Amber Ray was totally pissed by how netizens discussed the way Jamal has been smashing her in secret.

The socialite took to social media to make it clear that Jamal is only sleeping with her because she allows him to chew her.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but the only solution ya kutokuliwa dem ni huyo dem mwenyewe akatae kukuliwa…Hizo zingine bro ni theory za upuzi, upumbavu na ushenzi mahn,” wrote Amber Ray.

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