“You don’t find that suspicious?” Andrew Kibe weighed in the face reveal of Zoey Pluto.

Thee Pluto and his girlfriend Felicity decided to do a face reveal of their 8-month old daughter last week.

The couple did  the reveal so that they can comfortably go out with their child without fear that someone might  take her photo and leak it on social media. Because of fear,  they have been forced to hide the baby completely by covering her while in public spaces.

Andrew Kibe has however rubbished claims that Zoey looks like her father.

In a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, the controversial content creator said that he is not convinced that Thee Pluto is Zoey’s biological father.

“Naskia fala fulani inaambiwa unaona mtoi wako. Do you know  that the child is a celeb. ‘Kinuthia’ do you know what they do, they continually force this story upon you and then when her girls come over, the girls keep repeating the same shit some diabolical sheet I don’t know where they got it from na saa hio wote wanajua huyo mtoi si wako,” Kibe warned Thee Pluto.

He further noted that it was only women who were agreeing that the Zoey looks like Thee Pluto in the comments section of the face reveal video.

He still insisted that Thee Pluto should do a DNA test to prove that he is Zoey’s real dad.

“DNA is important please. No no no no, the puny no. It’s a no for me to be honest. Sioni resemblance acha tu nisikudanganye. It’s better to know than not know the true. Afadhali tuseme utukasirikie juu tulikudoubt, when the kid yours, kuliko ushinde kulipa child support na dem yako anapepetwa” he said.

“The person who put the baby in the belle has access to the mother anytime . Anaeza amka aseme Felicity, we iko,” Kibe added.

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