“Mnafanya mambo kienyeji sana! Can you show me the emails of the violations?” Andrew Kibe asks Dorothy Ooko.

YouTube creator Andrew Kibe has publicly disputed Google’s explanation for the termination of his YouTube channels. Google’s Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Africa, Dorothy Ooko, responded to inquiries from fans, stating that Kibe’s channels were terminated due to violations of YouTube’s policies. However, Kibe, with a substantial following on the platform, has raised questions about the transparency and communication surrounding this decision.

The dispute between Kibe and YouTube began when Ooko responded to a fan’s query on September 19, shedding some light on why Kibe’s channels faced termination. Ooko revealed that Kibe had initially been barred from uploading videos but still had access to his channel.

Despite these restrictions, he managed to continue uploading content by evading the limitations imposed upon him. As a result, all channels associated with him were terminated, as he was found to be in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Kibe wasn’t satisfied with this explanation. He voiced his concerns, specifically questioning why he had not received formal communication about the termination of his channels and seeking evidence of the alleged policy violations.

In his response, Kibe challenged the lack of transparency and requested to see emails or notifications detailing the violations and the specific terms he had supposedly breached.

“Sounds so pedestrian,” Kibe remarked. “Can you show me the emails of the violations? That is the procedure, right? I mean, there is no way YouTube permanently blocks any channel that has over 3,000 videos with no paper trail. Be serious with your job,” he added.

Kibe’s reaction has sparked a debate within the online community. Some argue that transparency and clear communication are essential when enforcing policies on content creators, especially those with significant followings. Others point out that platforms like YouTube typically have a process for addressing policy violations and that Kibe’s request for evidence is within reason.

And Team YouTube seem to agree and they share a portal where one can follow up. Via their X account, they’ve replied saying, “we’ll look into this, mind sharing your YouTube channel URL?”

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