“It’s 9 months mbona haijafika ama time yangu haisongi. who put the baby in there, when did they put it,” Andrew Kibe has reacted days after Presenter Ali and his girlfriend Medina Makena held a gender reveal bash for their soon to be born baby girl.

In a video he shared on his YouTube channel, the former radio host advised presenter Ali to conduct a DNA test as soon as the child is born to prove that he is the father.

Kibe said that he was willing to sponsor the test and that the YouTube content creator should look for him soon enough.

“Ali, my advice to you, fanya DNA. Kuja unitafute, I see you are being sponsored by other people, come I will sponsor you for the DNA. I promise you, I will not embarass you or even laugh just come mtoto akizaliwa coz we are hoping anytime from now kwasababu hio pregnancy haiwezikuwa imekaa hivyo sana. It’s not an elephant, its 9 months mbona haijafika time yangu haisongi ama, who put the baby in there, when did they put it,” he said.

He also criticized  the gender reveal party saying that Presenter Ali is an embarrassment. During the reveal, Presenter Ali couldn’t hide his joy after discovering that they were expecting a girl.

Andrew Kibe however noted that Presenter Ali was just acting since the gender reveal had been sponsored and everything was paid for.

“This is an embarrassment. The weakness  that has infiltrated our generation is very bad. This kapuny started his channel and when things are just going well for him, dem akamuattack and she got him now here he is. This is acting. Cheki msee anakaa ni kama ameshinda charity sweep stick. Why diddn’t they get an umbrella what’s all that jumping like a child. Can you handle like  man,” he said.


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Kibe and Presenter Ali have been beefing for quite a while.


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