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Angry Anerlisa Muigai Threatens To Sue Rival Companies

Angry Anerlisa Muigai Threatens To Sue Rival Companies

Anerlisa Muigai’s dominance in producing premium drinking mineral water is being threatened by two rival companies that are coming after her.

The 34-year-old businesswoman is threatening legal action against two rival mineral water companies over patent infringement.

The Keroche heiress was alarmed by two rival companies that have copied bottle design of Executive Still Water – premium drinking mineral water produced by Nero company.

Anerlisa laments that bottle manufacturer SAFEPAK LTD produced same plastic packaging for her rivals yet she has patented the design for Executive Still Water.

“Do these people know this is criminal case that can get their company closed forever. Having a bottle certified and then come use it is ILLEGAL. I also don’t wake up everyday to work for other companies. And you SAFEPAK the producers of these bottles, you should have first called NERO Company to find out if this bottle has been patent,” Anerlisa Muigai ranted.

Anerlisa founded Nero Company Ltd sometimes in June 2013 to produce premium drinking mineral water.

Nero Company Ltd is a premier luxury beverage company operating within Nairobi and the country at large, Anerlisa’s company is however based in Naivasha at the same complex as her mother’s company Keroche Breweries Limited.

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