“Uchungu na wivu itawamaliza!” Azziad Nasenya claims older netizens harbor bitterness and jealousy towards her remarkable achievements at such a young age.

In a captivating live radio interview with Mwende Macharia that has since gone viral, Azziad Nasenya opened her heart about the unwarranted criticism she constantly faces when celebrating her birthday or sharing her achievements before walking away.

Azziad left Radio Maisha studios soon after she was about to be asked how she felt after being axed from Talanta Hela by CS Ababu Namwamba.

Anyway, some people say she appears older than her actual age, while others recognize and appreciate her youthful essence, she said.

“I strongly believe that certain individuals possess a narrow mindset that dictates if someone is merely 20 years old, they are not expected to have accomplished certain feats.”

“Such expectations are seemingly reserved for those who have surpassed a certain age threshold. It bewilders me how older individuals, grappling with their own challenges, struggle to fathom how a ‘youngster’ like myself has managed to achieve so much.”

Mwende Macharia Speaks After Azziad Walked Out On Her During Interview “To be honest, I think it stems from bitterness. These individuals are simply envious of me. How else can one explain their relentless animosity?” Azziad told the Radio Maisha presenter.

It was in 2020 that Azziad burst into the limelight by fearlessly posting a video of her sensually dancing to the infectious beats of the local hit song “Utawezana.”

Little did she know that this audacious act would launch her into a realm of fame, opening doors to lucrative brand collaborations, prestigious awards, and desirable job opportunities.


During the interview, she revealed that she is living her dream. While other children aspired to become doctors or lawyers, Azziad always yearned to be a renowned star.

Setting the record straight for those who speculated that her radio job came solely on her social media fame, Azziad clarified that she is a trained journalist who went through the same rigorous audition process as any other candidate.

She humbly acknowledged her good fortune at being shortlisted and humbly dedicated three additional months to rigorous training before making her charismatic debut on air.

Azziad Nasenya is the most followed female TikToker in Kenya. In 2020, she openly shared that her enthralling live streams generated an average monthly income of Sh 100,000.

Undeterred by the arrows of doubt and bitterness flung her way, Azziad Nasenya remains resilient and unshaken.

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