Bahati imagined how his death would be like including the coffin his lifeless body would be put in.

The musician sparked a furious reaction after he shared a photo that envisioned his funeral.

Bahati shared a white casket with his portrait just like in any typical funeral.

“UNARUDI LINI,” he captioned the post.


Bahati’s post sparked a fierce reaction from netizens who criticised him for imagining his own death.

It’s a taboo in most African traditions for one to imagine their own demise.

However, Bahati’s post was more of a metaphor than him envisioning his own death.

The death depiction was symbolic of his career in the gospel music industry.

Bahati quit the gospel industry years ago and crossed over to the secular world.

The singer used death to depict the end of his gospel career. The caption in the post was implied resurrection, that’s why he posed the question of when will he go back to the gospel industry.

Bahati debut as a gospel singer and enjoyed years of success in the industry before he joined the wave of musicians  such like Willy Paul who crossed over to the secular industry.


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